Living Plant ~Based 

Are you thinking about eating more plant~based foods or switching to a plant~based lifestyle

and don't know where to start?

Maybe you have heard of the many benefits of a plant~based lifestyle such as;

Better Digestion

Increased Energy

Healthy, Glowing Skin

Alleviated Allergies

Weight Loss 

and the list goes on!

Eating a plant-based diet doesn't have to be challenging and intimidating

In fact in can be an adventure in

rediscovering food

 and I am here to guide you every step of the way!

I look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, enjoyable and SUSTAINABLE PLANT~BASED LIFESTYLE!

Meet The Chef


Hi, I'm Ashlie!

I have a lifelong romance with healthy food.  From a young age my mother encouraged us to eat healthy and at home as much as possible!


 Right out of high school I followed my passion for fitness and nutrition and became certified as a personal trainer with NASM.  In my studies, I found that there was very little information within the nutrition field and followed my curiosity into my own personal journey of food and health.  Reading, researching and testing different elimination diets on myself over the years finding what worked and what felt best. 

I was in an accident a few years down the line that put me in bed for 6 months with a crushed foot, with over a year of rehab and learning how to walk again.  Within this time of healing and introspection, not knowing what my physical abilities would be moving forward; I decided to take things into my own hands.  

I accelerated my healing process through 

detoxing, removing inflammatory foods like meat and dairy and juicing to heal from the inside out. 

It was in this space that I found my true passion: cooking with the intention of healing ourselves and our planet.

I started my own plant~based food delivery service SoKale in 2016, delivering organic gourmet meals, tonics and nut milks all over San Diego.  Simultaneously taking on private clients, cooking and guiding them to health and healing.

In 2017 I began cooking for retreats and events of all kinds,

 which has taken me to places all over the world such as Bali and Ireland. 

In 2018 I enrolled in the raw food culinary program Plantlab in Venice, CA.

This experience took my love for food to another level and into the creation my highest offering yet, PRANA.

a 7~course Chakra Dining Experience, coming winter 2020!

My passion as a chef is to create a healthy, plant-based recipes that blend my love for food, healing and art; and to educate others on the multitude of health benefits that come from adopting a plant~based lifestyle.

I believe eating to be an experience of all the senses!


To your health,

Chef Ashlie Morgan

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"I had the pleasure of hiring Ashlie Sarna for our Yoga retreat and wedding in Kauai this year. Every single meal was so delicious, nutritious and made with so much Love, every person there commented about the chef! Not only is she super talented in the kitchen, she also has an even keel temperament, which makes her very easy and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend her as a personal chef or for a professional event. "


~Dr. Somer Nicole Radina

Yoga Doctors TV

"Ashlie came at the perfect timing in my quest for better health, because she solved two major pain points for me. I am always on the go, but I also want to eat healthy. Not only was Ashlie the perfect solution, but she is a pleasure to work with because of her commitment to her client's satisfaction. I'm a really picky eater and Ashlie was able to work around my limited options with variety to keep me guessing what was coming next every week. I loved how Ashlie's flavors made 'health food' tasteful. The food was fresh and delicious. I highly recommend working with her!"

- Andrew Gottlieb

Author and CEO of No Typical Moments

"If you are cooking your own food, you should stop and hire Ashlie! I enjoyed cooking and making sure I was eating healthy, but as my business grew I didn't have time to take care of it. That's when Ashlie arrived in my life! Her food was always amazing! She did a great job creating meals around my specific requirements. You could always tell how much excitement and love she put into each meal. It's also always a joy to have her show up with her bright energetic character. I've since moved out of the SD area so I greatly miss her food! If I come back I'll be sure to have her start cooking for me again!"

-Aaron Pyne

Owner of Sacred Vision Designs, Graphic Design, Healer

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when possible! 

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